„Eco Bio Energy” Ltd was established in 2004 with main business activity innovation in ecological technologies.

In 2010 the company started trading with military production.  In order to purchasesurplus military equipment from the Bulgarian Army and other foreign sellers, to complete the collection, and for letting the military equipment for hiring for movies etc, in 2010 the company got all necessary licenses and permits for trade witharms both in Bulgaria and abroad.


Eco Bio Energy Ltd. is interested in activities such as:

-  acquirement of weapons and vehicles in order to be restored and to be created a collection with historical value

- acquirement of weapons and vehicles in order to be restored and resaled of private collectors

- provision of weapons and vehicles for participation in film and television productions advertisments, music videos, photo ssessions, etc.

At present, Eco Bio Energy Ltd. owns about 200 pcs. various ex- military means: armored vehicles , cannons, trucks, light vehicles and etc.

The company is in a process of registration a private collection “Wheeled and tracked equipment” to the National Politechnical Museum – Sofia city.



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